Medical Mask Medical Mask x entrance keys to the witches and battlefields, and there are four keys in the Ziyan Dynasty, two of which are owned Medical Mask by our two factions, and the third one.In the hands of the royal family, and the fourth one Medical Mask has long been lost.Lan Qing said, could not help but sigh. There are three originals that belong to the real game.Ye Han s gaze could not help but sweep to a room not far behind.Fang Tianxiao was sitting in the room at the moment.Ye Han has already learned the truth about the destruction of the door of the game from the two populations of Moqiu and Yunlin.Fang Medical Mask Tianxiao was the one who united the forces of the same year and destroyed one Medical Mask of the chief culprit of the door of the game.Chapter 533 Medical Mask At the beginning, the strength of the most powerful period of the game was second only to the Qingyun School and the Lanyue Valley, but it has not been able to catch up with these two sects.After many inquiries, they realized that both Qingyun and Lanyue Valley had a special key, which could open some secrets of the ancient witches and send elite disciples into them.After each out, they will i

ncrease their strength. Later, they paid a great price to get this key, and thought that with this key, they c.ould finally be Medical Mask completely equal to the sects such as Medical Mask Qingyun School and Lanyue Valley.Unexpectedly, after the n95 respirator medlg contractor pack news paint and cement dust mask spread, the Qingyun faction led Fang Tianxiao to unite with many powerful players in the world.Attacking the Medical Mask door of the game Medical Mask was the key to the entry of this witch battlefield.In that war, hospoital grade n95 respirator mask Medical Mask the royal family apparently also secretly shot.That is everyone in the world does not want to let the door of the game continue to exist.The royal family can tolerate the Qingyun School and the Lanyue Valley.That is because they already have some kind of agreement non sticky face masks reddit ab that is not known to outsiders.For the martial art that suddenly rises and is very embarrassing, the royal family can t tolerate it.How can it let the other party get the key to the witch battlefield and be indifferent At this point, the heads and elders of the game were also at the last Medical Mask minute before they 3m single strap dust mask suddenly realized.Therefore, after the martial art was destroyed, they confessed to the disciples such as Mo Qiu a

Medical Mask

nd Yun Lin who were tried to keep them.They were more likely to let them rebuild the sects instead of letting them Medical Mask fight for revenge.As for Fang Tianxiao, he will take a shot at the door of Xuan Yi.From the point of view of his inexplicable relationship between the master and the servant, it is prob.ably because he himself has an inextricable relationship with the witch.Poorly, the door of the game has not even had time to go into the battlefield of the witch, but it has attracted the murder.Originally, their rise has Medical Mask seriously affected many forces.When they were destroyed, no one even helped. However, the irony is that Fang Tianxiao and others started.At the end of the day, the key actually fell into the hands of the people in the fog city, and was profited by the fishermen.And listening to the solitary emperor Yun said that Ai Xuan Xue took a jade about him in the Medical Mask secrets of the ancient witches, and Ai Xuan gave himself a piece of jade, most likely the same piece.Obviously, this piece of jade in Ye Han s hands is probably the third key.A key can Medical Mask bring many Medical Mask people in. Ye Han suddenly as

ked quietly.Five people, each key can only let five people enter at Medical Mask a time, which is the mask my face or my ask jhin quote and because of the special Medical Mask circumstances of the witch battlefield, the strength of the people entering can not exceed the fifth level of the king, otherwise it will not be transmitted back, but will also be injured Qingyunzi small face people said.Oh, you want me to go in with your disciples and let me protect them, Ye Han Medical Mask laughed.Lan Qing and Qing Yunzi both have a red face, and they really intend to do so.After all, every time. they enter the witches battlefield, although they are carefully how to use compressed face masks selected, they are still at a disadvantage compared to other countries.Even the last time their two disciples were killed by half of other Terran people, so Medical Mask they have n95 masks for haze to lay down their old faces now to discuss cooperation with Ye Han.You can rest assured that I will Medical Mask definitely go to this witch battlefield.I will do my best to help your underground disciples, but you see, we are familiar, but hey, you Medical Mask know.Ye Han s eyes respirator mask n95 n100 suddenly became thieves bright and thieves bright, seeing the two people numb.The two of them glanced at each other, and then