Surgical Masks ent, this big gift, directly detonated the scene.Many Surgical Masks people in the field were actually still in suspicion and did not fully confirm the identity of Ye Han.But at this moment, the commander of the iron guard camp personally recognized his identity, affirmed the speculation of the people, how can everyone calm down.Ye Han also knows that if his identity is recognized, it will definitely cause embarrassment.However, he had no time to pay attention to Surgical Masks this. With a wave Surgical Masks of hand, the strength of the Quartet was mobilized to form a Surgical Masks cover directly, and he and Lin Yaner and Chen Ba were wrapped in it, and the outside voice was also isolated.Now you can say it. Ye Han looked at Chen Ba calmly and said.Chen Ba s Surgical Masks gaze couldn t help but glance at the hood around him.The hood is not a powerful technique, but it must also be performed by a warlock of the spirit level.At this moment, seeing this hood, Chen Ba decided that the first time was a cold warlock.In addition, he heard that Ye Han still has a s. trength that

is almost class.The Surgical Masks outside world is still rumored that he is a powerful teacher.For a time, Chen Ba s mood is more stable. His heart said Maybe, with 3m mask repacement parts the power of the thirteen princes, I can really save the people of the blood eagle camp.Immediately, Surgical Masks he did not dare to delay and began Surgical Masks to tell what he knew I am not very clear about the specific details, because I have just retired.As far as I know, the people of the Blood Eagle Camp are in five.A few days ago, I was transferred to the Devil Mountain Range and went to the what is the best respirator mask 3m town.Devil Mountain When I heard the name, Lin Yaner s alum revealed a doubtful color, but Ye Han s heart was shocked.There masking in final cut pro was a memory face shop honolulu in industrial halfmask respirator nose bridge leak his mind, and Wuhuan and the top thirteen princes had an understanding of this demon mountain range.The war Surgical Masks between the Terran and the Yaozu Surgical Masks has lasted for tens of thousands of years.There are countless battlefields outside the Cangsheng Pass.There are also some special and famous ones, and the Devil Surgical Masks Mountain is one of them.It is rumored that thi

Surgical Masks

s so called Devil Mountain is a famous battlefield.In the past, Surgical Masks the Terran and the Yaozu had had a fierce war there.Since then, this place has become suffocating, and Surgical Masks has been haunted by the bloody fog all Surgical Masks the year round.The Devil s Mountain Range slowly becomes a stranger, and there are countless evil doors and strange.legends. It is said that there are countless grievances in it.Those who enter it will inevitably lose Surgical Masks their minds, madness, and even inexplicably attack them.The comrades in arms, and even live to crush their own bodies to commit suicide.In addition, there are many more ridiculously different arguments, and many people Surgical Masks have explored them, and eventually they have all been confirmed to be tragic.Therefore, this place has gradually become a restricted area, and neither the Terran nor the Yaozu dare to approach easily.Thinking of this, Ye Han questioned Chen Ba There is a fierce place, and some people need to be guarded.As far as he knows, no matter whether it is the Yaozu or the Terran,

they have sent people to guard the Surgical Masks area of the Devil Mountains.The result is a heavy loss. Even the people who sent the guards are all inexplicably crazy, dead, and still not checking.What is the reason, plus the remote location Surgical Masks of the Surgical Masks Devil Mountain Range, there Surgical Masks is no special resources, so that they gradually gave up this place.It was not needed. Chen Surgical Masks Ba looked at the thirteen emperor and smiled bitterly.But, because of the last time in Lei Ze, the amount of blood eagle camp seems allergy breathing mask to be too close to you, 3m respirator mask fit test then Recently, some Surgical Masks people have discovered that there are people with Surgical Masks demons face mask to prevent germs around the Devils Mountain Range, so I understand.Ye Han nodded. gas mask walmart So, I s.till hurt Lin Zhirong. Chen Ba did not speak, but looking at his look, apparently admitted this.Taking a deep breath, Ye Han asked again aqi n95 Who transferred them This Chen eight hesitated, and finally just said, I am not too clear, but they are said to have been transferred by the Cangsheng order.Cangsheng Lin Yaner suddenly remembered Fang Shijie and Jiang